About me


I’m a swiss photographer passionate about outdoor and travel photography.


I started taking pictures more than 30 years ago with my father’s Pentax Asahi. I don’t remember the exact model neither the lenses that came with it. But I remember well carrying it in my backpack while travelling USA alone a the age of 18. At that time, pictures were captured on film rolls. I came back from my month road trip with 5 or 6 rolls and as a student it cost me a lot to develop.

I left it aside for many years and returned to photography in the years 2000 with the intriguing Fuji FinePix F601 digital camera and its 3.3 megapixels but amazing color rendering. When my first child was born, I needed something faster and bought myself the Nikon D50 entry-level DSLR (6 megapixels) with the kit lenses. I quickly got addicted to taking pictures and started carrying my stuff everywhere, especially when we travelled.

So I switched to Nikon full frame bodies (D200 and D610) with much better lenses. And in 2017 I really wanted to add a drone to the family and got the incredible DJI Mavic Pro. My camera bag started to get really heavy and I couldn’t fit everything in.


When travelling or hiking outdoors, it is key to limit the excessive weight so in 2018 I decided to switch all my gear again and went mirrorless with the Fuji XT2. Today all my gear including the drone fits into one camera backpack which sits on my shoulders either in the mountains or during our worldwide trips.

my camera gear in details

Body: Fuji XT2 + battery grip
Lenses: 35mm f1.4 / 10-24mm f4 / 18-135mm f3,5-5,6 / 55-200mm f3,5-4,8
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro + spare batteries
Tripod: Giottos

my camera gear fully packed

Bag: LowePro Flipside 300

Apart of that, I’m a physics engineer working for over 20 years as an IT expert in service management and financial performances. I live in the city of Lausanne on the shores of the beautiful Lake Leman.