New Top Downs

I started photography long time ago, which means in a very classical way, with a handheld camera. The last decade broadened photographers’ set of tools with the addition of flying cameras. I purchased my first drone (DJI Mavic Pro 1) in 2017 and switched model (DJI Air 2S) in 2021. Drones allow capturing places from a completely different angle and providing unexpected views.

One of the hottest category of shots is called “top-down” where the camera is pointed straight down to the ground. Frequently it can consist of textures both natural or architectural.

In my last post, I wrote about a top-down drone shot I took during a trip to Mauritius and for which I was lucky to be awarded a 2nd price. Below I’m sharing with you a few top-downs I took in the last months, mostly in Switzerland. You may recognize 2 shots of an artwork from the international artist called Saype.