Chapel with cross and bell with a sunset over the sea in the background

Cyclades Island, Greece

You certainly heard of Santorini which is the most famous island of the Cyclades. But there are about 30 of them, certainly all worth a visit. We only had the time to see 3 of them: Naxos, Paros and Santorini. We spent 4-5 days on each, roaming around either with a car, a scooter, a quad or simply by foot.

It is another photographer’s delight, with mostly white houses and doors or windows painted in blue. The flowers, the fishermen and the sun bringing all the other colors for a fully saturated palette.

The beautiful city of Oia at sunset

Not only do the colors play an important role, but if you like architecture, you find so many interesting shapes. This is especially ture in Santorini, which is. The island has steep cliffs as it used to be a volcano. Houses are built very close to each other, creating labyrinths of small streets and stairs.

On the less positive note, we started our trip and left from Athens, a city we didn’t enjoy despite its cultural wonders like the Acropolis.