The fallen ones in the neighborhoud of La Bocca

Business trip in Buenos Aires

I used to work as an IT expert for a large company. They had offices around the world and one of their IT center was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even when I travel for business, I bring my camera because there are always great opportunities to capture interesting topics, especially when you are at the other side of the world and spend there a week or two.

I visited BA twice and never was disappointed by what the city had to offer in terms of photography. Every neighborhood has its spirit, modernity in Puerto Madero, old narrow streets in San Cristobal or colorful buildings around the famous football stadium of La Bocca, the original team of Diego Maradona. Not to forget the gorgeous cemetery of La Recoleta.

The city is large, but each neighborhood must be visited by foot to fully explore it. If your eyes and photo skills are used to quick snaps, you are in a street photography delight!