Fantastic landscapes of Cappadocia

Road trip in Turkey

In August 2008, my wife and I made our first travel together (we weren’t married at that time). We decided to visit Turkey, starting in Istanbul before going south.

After a few days in Istanbul, we crossed the Marmara Sea to hit Bursa. Then using local buses, we visited Ayvalik, Bergama, Izrmir, Selcuk and the beautiful ruines of Ephesus.

We then moved east to Denizli to end the first half of our road trip discovering the stunning thermal springs of Pamukkale.

From there we returned to Izrmir to take the plane and fly to Kayseri, the entry point of the Cappadocia in the center of Turkey. The region has exceptional natural wonders and is well known for its cave houses.

We roamed around these incredible landscapes on an old turkish motorcycle! What an adventure!!

Turkey is a country you should visit if you haven’t already, and definitely a countrly I would like to return one day.