Namibia, road trip

The best way to explore Namibia is to travel the country on your own with a 4×4 car equipped for camping. We organized our trip with a company called TechPro Safari and their cars are simply perfect. Ours was a Toyota Land Cruiser, with 2 tents on the roof and everything to live in the back trunk (cooking equipment, table, chairs, water tank, gas grill,…). As you can see from the below photo, it is also provided to support any emergency situation (spare wheels, compressor, sand trax…). It’s definitely a beast that no track could stop!

During our 2 weeks road trip, we drove over 2700 km, mostly on tracks and on straight roads. I didn’t imagine we would see so many different landscapes, Every half hour drive would result in a change of colors and textures. Most of the time, we were alone on these road and would cross another car only once in a while.

Camping on the roof is also part of the experience. Setting up the tents is rather quite and folding it back takes a few tries to become a quick daily routine. But there is no better way to wake up and hit the road early to benefit from gorgeous sunrises on amazing locations!