Namibia, Wildlife

We just returned from an incredible adventure… 2 weeks road trip in Namibia! It was a trip I was dreaming of for many years, and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed. Although I’m not much into animal photography, having so many animals close to you (mostly close to your car) makes it impossible not to want to capture them.

We were lucky to encounter 4 of the “Big Five“: 2 leopards, 9 lions, many elephants and 4 rhinoceros. The only one we didn’t encounter was the buffalo, which isn’t present in the area we travelled. The “Big Five” are called so because they are the 5 most dangerous and difficult animals to hunt in Africa. Fortunately, hunting is now mostly forbidden, the animals being protected in vast reserves where they can live completely free and wild. In these protected zones, you can see them during an organized safari game. But the Ethosa National Park you can visit it using your own car. From the moment you enter, you can spot wild animals next to you as you drive through the park on the small roads and trails that cross it from east to west.