Lac Tanay & Grammont

As the COVID pandemic started, my job got hit. I had to reduce my working time and was forced to some weekly days off. I just bought my electric bicycle and decided to venture on the summit of a mountain (2172 m above sea level), called the Grammont with an amazing view over the Leman lake and the entry valley of Valais.

I planned to start the first climb in the afternoon to reach the small mountain lake called Tanay. I did a round trip around the lake and took some pictures. After a small break, I started the main climb to the top, the objective being to reach the summit by end of afternoon. My plans were to be on top for the sunset. I met my goad but was way more exhausted than planned.

Once on the top, I had my picnic and ate my evening lunch. Then I took great sunset pictures before heading back down with the night wrapping the day off. What a great day!