After a very busy first quarter of 2022, we needed to take a break and booked a last minute trip to Mauritius. We could only spend one week on the island, so we opted for an “all-inclusive” package at a hotel called La Pirogue at Flic En Flac on the west coast of the Island.

It was an incredible experience. The hotel was amazing, with our bungalow room almost on the beach, which allowed us to enjoy incredible sunsets, different every day.

We visited the southern part of the island to view stunning landscapes with massive waterfalls and got surprised by the 7 colored earth geopark of Chamarel. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to capture that wonder from the air, the park being private, hence a no-fly-zone.

But I was able to fly over the Trou-aux-Cerfs, an ancient volcano which crater is now mostly filled with water. The resulting picture looks like the planet earth surrounded by trees. I submitted that picture to the Neutral Density Photography Awards 2022 and was lucky to win the 2nd place in the drone photography section of the non-professional photographers.

It is definitely a place to visit and travel, the locals being really nice and welcoming!