Petra, Jordan

The winter has just ended and I travelled with friends south to Jordan to visit the incredible city of Petra. We left Geneva very early Saturday morning to land in Aqaba and drove another 2 hours to reach Wadi Musa in the afternoon.

The next morning, before 7AM we hit the Petra Museum which is the entry point to visit that amazing site. An hour walk through the Siq left us speechless when we face the “Treasury”, the famous temple carved in the stone. It was still early and cold but so stunning as very little tourists woke up early. We had the place almost for us.

We walked all day long up and down the mountains to see gorgeous viewpoints and meeting nice people.

The 2nd day, we entered the site from the other side, which makes you walk 4 hours to reach the plateau where you find the “Monastery” temple. The hike takes you through a desert, valleys and cliffs. Very little people take that path, preferring the shorter path which forces you to climb hundreds of stairs in a steep narrow path trapped with the numerous locals trying to sell you anything.

After 2 days and 30 km of walk, we slept another night and headed home, heads full of great memories and tones of pictures !