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Print shop details

As I’m not a professional but still want to make my pictures available, I decided to use a partner service for selecting and ordering any printouts. You can find below all details about my online print shop.


I opted for the photo gallery service of Pixieset which handles the visible part of my online print shop.

As I’m based in Switzerland, Pixieset works with a professional photo printing service based in UK called Loxey Colour. They do the heaving lifting work in the background, from printing and framing to shipping.


The product options available are:


Each product comes in different sizes. Here are some examples:

10 x 825 x 20
12 x 1030 x 20
20 x 1650 x 40
30 x 2076 x 50
30 x 2476 x 60
36 x 2491 x 61
40 x 30101 x 76


The prices are from a few Swiss Francs to a couple hundreds, but I will be transparent about my own benefit which is minimal, the goal not being to change my normal day to day job. 😉

Of the price, more than half are the costs of the printing service and 15% are fees of the gallery service. So if you decide to place an order, you will support my passion but mainly you will make me happy and proud.

Support me

If you like what I do and/or want to support my passion about photography, please head over to my print shop and select an image from the 3 galleries availabe:

  • Cityscapes and Landscapes – my handhelp pictures taken mostly during our worldwide travels
  • Aerial – my drone photos which give a different perspective of the places I love
  • Top Down – also drone shots but where the view is vertical playing with the textures and colors you couldn’t imagine from the ground

Important: if you have seen an image in my portfolio which is not available in the print shop, let me know and I’ll add it to make it available for you.