View on the rooftops of the city from the Belvedere Castelletto

Genova, Italia

I’m a big fan of Italy, going regularly to Piemonte, or more south. Frequently I drove along the city of Genova, only seeing the industrial side of it from the highway. But in 2018, we were willing to take advantage of the Easter weekend to travel somewhere and a friend of us recommended we make a visit, the old city being superb.

I can confirm it’s worth the visit. The old city with its very narrow streets and excellent trattorias is so nice to walk around, and the old harbor is a great place to relax. You will be able to visit the amazing Aquarium di Genova which is a must even if you don’t have children.

Small boy walking along a dolphin in the acquarium of Genova

And apart from being a very nice city, it is a great starting point for trips to Boccadasse or the Cinque Terre. Although these are very touristy places, you need to visit them as they are so special, colorful and iconic.