The village of Barolo surrounded by its famous vineyards

Piemonte, Italia

Those who know me certainly heard me saying that “in a previous life I lived in Piemonte”! I love Italy, visited many places (like Genova, Cinque Terre, Tuscany) but my favorite region in Italy is definitely Piemonte. And in Piemonte, it’s the Langhe, the area around the city of Alba. It is so famous for its truffles and wines like Barolo or Barbaresco, which by the way are names of gorgeous wine producing villages.

It encompasses most of the things I love, i.e. good food, stunning red wines and beautiful landscapes full of vineyards which are so pleasant to photograph.

If you plan to visit that area, choose to stay in an Agroturismo near a small villages like La Morra, Monteforta d’Alba or Roddi. We have our habits at the Cascina Barin where the hosting family is so nice and friendly. They don’t grow wine but nuts that are then used to produce the famous chocolate and hazelnut spread called Nutella.

I could share many names of great restaurants or wine cellars, but there are so many that you definitely need to explore and discover by yourself if you like Italian wine and food!

Church rooftop with a bird flying over